Just a little -

Have you ever looked in the mirror
And thought
"Just a little Lighter, just a little less Brown,
just a little more Beautiful”


You’ve made us hate our skin, our beauty
you’ve reduced us to things 
That just for being a little morenitos
Are supposed to not be considered beautiful, because
that is reserved for the pinks, yellows, peaches, fake tans of your people

And you say

"Just a little more brown, if i could be just a lil more brown"


"you’re so exotic,
you don’t have to tan,
I wish I was exotic”

You know,

I’m, not a thing, I’m not a beast

And you think it’s a compliment - turning
us into Items to be picked up and
Fucked and then left
to gather dust
to do the dirty work
to frame the Perfectness of you